Portable Gas Grill BBQ Stainless Steel Tabletop Camping Boat Fishing Barbeque

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Name: MARINE BBQ Portable Boat Gas Barbeque Stainless Steel Caravan
Model: SKU934125

Color: Silver
Fuel Type: LP
Material: Stainless Steel
Suitable: 5-10 People (And Above)
Barbecue Grill: (L)X(W) 46x29cm / 18.11''x11.42'' (appr.)
Overall Size: (L)X(W)X(H) 50x32x29cm / 19.69''x12.60''x11.42'' (appr.)

● Double layer lid. Heating panel.
● Great for boats, camping trailers, etc.
● Easy to utilize. Convenient and portable.
● Stainless steel construction, solid and durable.
● Fold-up design with retractable steel legs and handles.
● Available space inside from grill plate with lid closed is 10cm.
● You can take it camping, to the beach, park or your favorite team's tailgate party.

Using The Grill:
a) Find a level surface to grill on.
b) Allow the grill to warm up with the lid closed for 20-30 minutes prior to cooking.
c) The grill is equipped with and adjustable HIGH/MED/LOW control knob, which allows for complete flexibility in cooking temp.
d) You may cook on the grill in any weather. If the temp is extremely cold or hot, the cooking times will be slightly increased or decreased. Keep the grill out of excessive winds when operating.
e) The cooking times vary depending on thickness of meats and the desired degree of preparation.

Turning The Grill Off:
a) Open the lid.
b) Turn the regulator control knob to the ‘OFF’ position.
(Caution: Do not attempt to re-light the grill without following all the lighting instructions.)
c) Allow the grill body to cool at least 30 minutes before attempting to move or transport.

◆ Outside Grill Part: It can be cleaned easily with warm soapy water or any stainless steel cleaner.
◆ Cooking Grill & Grease Tray: The cooking grill should be brushed with a steel brush immediately after cooking, while the grill is still warm. The grease tray can be cleaned with a flat scraper such as a putty knife.
(Caution: the grease tray must be kept clean and free of heavy buildup for the grill to perform properly and to eliminate flare-ups.)
◆ Firebox: Use warm soapy water to clean this area. Do not allow grease to build up.
◆ Grain Hole: The drain hole must be kept clear of grease and food particles to allow drippings to drain properly into the grease tray. This must be done to maintain proper operation of your grill.

★ Never operate this appliance unattended.
★ Never operate this appliance within 10ft of any structure, combustible material or other gas cylinder.
★ Never operate this appliance within 25ft of any flammable liquid.
★ Do not fill cooking vessel beyond maximum fill line.
★ Never allow oil grease to get hotter than 200℃. If the temp exceeds 200℃, or if oil begins to smoke, immediately turn the burner or gas supply OFF.
★ Heated liquids remain at scalding temp long after the cooking process. Never touch cooking appliance until liquids have cooled to 45℃ or less.
★ If a fire should occur, keep away from the appliance and immediately call your fire department. Do not attempt to extinguish an oil or grease fire with water.

1X Portable Burn Oven
1X Gas Regulator
1X Handle (assemble by yourself)
1X Mounting Tool
1X User Manual