Motion Sensor LED Night Light 20 LEDs Wireless Led Closet Lights USB Rechargeable Table Lamp Cabinet Bookcase Light

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20 LED Motion Sensor Night Light USB Rechargeable Magnet Stick-on Closet Lamp

With magnetic, PC lampshade
1. induction: human infrared induction
2. induction control: built in bright perception, often bright mode, the body can be induced mode
3. sensing distance: >3 meter
4. induction angle: 120 degrees
5.LED life: more than 80 thousand hours
6.LED brightness: 350 lumens
7. light color: white light
8. operating current: 150 mA
9. working voltage: DC3-6V
10. lithium battery: 800mAh (A battery, enough)
11. battery use: charging and discharging more than 500 times
12. battery full power use times: more than 600 times
13. delay time: 15 seconds
14. lamp temperature: -10~50
15. accessories: USB + tape 3Meter glue magnetic paste