Creative modeling 10 pieces with scale, meter sieves and spoon suit multi-function kitchens

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Product description: quality excellent;Beautiful and practical, convenient and durable.Multi-function, used for washing rice, sieve powder, fruit, sugar, powder, liquid, etc.

 Specification: 10 pieces.
Weight: 783 g
Material: green plastic.
Size: large basket - with ear 31CM(inner diameter 25.5CM), high 12.5cm.
Middle basket perforated - with ear 27.6CM(inner diameter 21.6CM), height 11.7CM.
Powder sieve - with ear 23.5CM(inner diameter 18CM), height 10.5cm.
Small basket with mouth - with ear 19.7CM(inner diameter 14.7CM), height 7.4CM.
1CUP scoop - handle 16CM(diameter 9CM), 250ML.
1/2 cup scoop - with handle 14.3CM(7.7cm in diameter), 125ML.
1/3CUP scoop - handle 13.2CM(6.5CM in diameter), 80ML.
1/4 cup scoop - with a handle of 12CM(5.5cm in diameter), 60ML.
1TBSP spoons-with a handle of 10.8cm (4.1cm in diameter), 20ML.
1/2TBSP spoons-with a handle of 9.7cm (3CM in diameter), 10ML.