3 Tier Steel Baking Cooling Rack Wire Cookie Cake Food Stackable Kitchen Folding

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Each Rack Size Approx: L*W*H:34*24*6.5cm(13*9.4*6.5inch)
3 Racks stacking Height:19.5cm

1.Use for cooling cookies,cakes,pies,pancake,pastries and bread.
2.Easy Clean-UP Nonstick Surface.
3.Dishwasher Safe.
4.15 Year Warranty,Durable Bakeware for Everday Use.
5. Racks can be used separately or stacked to 3-Tiers for cooling food.
6.Save space in the kitchen.
7.Retractable Legs for easy storage.

Package Included:
3x Baking Cooling Racks