New Kitchen Tool Garlic Chopper Slicer Cutter Grinder Hand Twist Presser Masher

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Package Included:
1 x Garlic Chopper Grinder

Color: Green
Material: Plastic + Stainless steel
Size: Approx. 89x62mm/ 3.50x2.44"
20 Specially designed stainless steel blades to easily, consistently and precisely dice garlic in seconds
Fast & easy to slice, mince and store
Garlic peeler cuts like a knife leaving the oils and natural juices in the garlic
Easy to clean, simply rinse under water or place in top rack of dishwasher
Also suitable for dicing shallots, jalapenos, herbs, even walnuts and other firm fruit and vegetables, etc
Note: There is sharp parts in the gadget, be careful when you use it and don’t allow your child to touch

How to use:
1. Place peeled whole cloves inside unit
2. Rotate blades in opposite directions to slice garlic
3. Rotate top clockwise to dice garlic desired texture
4. Release garlic on to cutting surface or scoop out for use